I’m ashamed of my house because of flooding – Pa James

Veteran actor, Kayode Olasehinde, aka Pa James, has revealed he got ashamed after his son, Samuel, posted pictures of his house flooded on social media. 

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Pa James revealed that the problem was a recurring one. He said, “This issue has been going on for some time and we have always pleaded with the government, but they have just been deceiving us. Sometimes, they would bring caterpillars and widen the channel which water passes through, which invariably worsens the situation. One of the caterpillars they brought even broke down and it has been abandoned there for some time now. Some media houses have helped us to publicise our plight but nothing has been done. The people living around here are now even tired of calling on the government. The Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area, which we fall under, has nothing to better our condition. It is clear that the government has neglected us. Whenever the flooding occurs, it damages all the properties in the house. If you get to my house now, you wouldn’t see chairs.”

Pa James also admitted that the condition of his house embarrasses him. He said, “It makes me feel ashamed and I don’t even like to talk about it again. If not for my son who posted the pictures on social media, I wouldn’t have said anything. 
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  1. Chai its not fare...he should get all the help he needs please


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