12 January 2019

Reno Omokri reacts to the petition against CJN, Walter Onnoghen by FG

Reno Omokri reacts to the tactics by the Buhari's led government to forcefully resign the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen. By bringing up petitions against him.

He said: 

My attention is drawn to the imminent arrest and charges against the Chief Justuce of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, by the Buhari government, 4 weeks to an election they are likely to lose and which may end up in court. This is very suspicious
The judiciary is a self governing and independent arm of government according to the 1999 Constitution. The Buhari government has no business pressuring justice Onnoghen to resign when he has not been convicted. He is innocent until proven guilty
Neither President MBuhari nor @officialEFCC called for the resignation of @GovUmarGanduje of Kano state, who was caught redhanded receiving bribes. Rather, Buhari publicly praised him in Paris after the disgraceful act of bribery. Therefore, he should
President Buhari NEVER wanted Justice Onnoghen as CJN and refused to appoint him and left him acting until he was sworn in by then acting President @ProfOsinbajo. The man cabal ruling Nigeria for PMB NEVER wanted Justice Onnoghen in the first place
Buhari is known for manipulating the law against the heads of independent arms of government he considers unfriendly to him. A good example is his malicious prosecution and persecution of Senate President, @bukolasaraki which failed in court 
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