25 December 2018

"What will I go and do in America?" Atiku replies Voahausa

The PDP presidential candidate who has been blacklisted in USA,  was asked by VOAHAUSA if he can go to United States of America, and he replied "What will I go and do in America?"
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1 comment:

  1. Tell us what will he go and do in America? Tell us where in our national constitution that stated you must go to America before you get elect into political office in Nigeria. Shame on you because you have no achievement to celebrate with that's why you keep spreading this as a failure of whom you fear. Your pay master has failed woefully to deliver the dividend of democracy in his years of ineptitude. I advise you to shift your focus from spreading this kind of story to at least show case your boss achievement or talking about the senseless killings going round in Zamfara State.