14 December 2018

If we do what China did, Atiku won't be alive to contest - Twitter users replies Peter Obi

During the vice-presidential debate in Abuja today, Peter Obi spoke about making Nigeria get to where China is today and doing business with them. But Twitter users blast him for him for saying so, because if Nigeria can execute all it's corrupt politicians which China actually did, Atiku won't for contesting for president because he is one of the Notorious corrupted Politicians in the Nigerian history.

@isaozo said: Peter Obi Keeps Referencing China.

My Own Is, Are You Ready For Us To Do What China Did To Get To Where They Are? Because If We Do, Your Atiku Won’t Stay Alive To Be President.

They Fought Corruption By Executing Corrupt Leaders Of Which Your Boss Is A Major Culprit. #VPDebate

@karovoni said: Peter Obi is always using China as an example. But one of the reasons China was able to achieve what they did was having a strong stance against corruption, they executed corrupt officials.

Let’s not even start to talk about Atiku’s love for corruption.
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