26 November 2018

Two men arrested in Kano for enticing prominent men into homosexuality and blackmailing

The Kano State Police Command have arrested an alleged gang of anal sex workers enticing unsuspecting male victims into homosexuality  from various parts of Kano City.
The Spokesman for the command, SP Magaji Musa Majia identified the suspects as Suraja Shehu of Layin Lale Cinema Gorondutse Qtrs and Yahaya Sharif of Rijiyar Lemo Qtrs respectively.

He said the suspects go around to identify prominent men within the city and obtain their mobile contacts through which they establish a homo sexual relationship with the willing targets and the unwilling ones they blackmail for sodomy.
Majia said the suspects were using whatsApp messenger to share phone numbers and other scandalous information about their unwilling targets to ridicule them and smear their reputation.
He said sometimes the suspects demand ransom from their targets, threatening to divulge the secrets on social media and private local Radio Stations if their ransom terms are not met.
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