28 August 2018

'Our parents and the generation in their 40s destroyed this country' - Music executive, KC Delgado

Nigerian music executive, KC Delgado has said our parents and the generation in their 40s now, destroyed this country. 'They are at centre piece of everything wrong with Nigeria today, but that's gist for another day' he said.

According to him,
'we go abroad to school, we get part time jobs, we get summer jobs, we do all sort of menial jobs to support ourselves. Here in Nigeria, no! We are too proud to work because we are students and as such we hop into people's inbox to shamelessly beg for money and some sisters have made it a point of duty to turn a guy they are dating into ATM machines simply because they had sex. Now why didn't you say it from the onset that everything is pay as you go, so you go spare the guy the emotional stress of toasting you and all'.
Back to the matter, after secondary school, myself Jibril Takuma, Ochaba Ochaba and a bunch of other kids will go to shelter clay to work, some of us really didn't have to work, we lived in our parents houses, there was food and a very comfortable life, but we understood that to have cash in your pocket for the extras you needed to hustle to get it,

What has changed? Everyone is forming for the 'gram, begging up and down, embarrassing themselves in the name of I'm a student I need money for project. Your parents sent you to sch it is their responsibility not yours. If they weren't capable why didn't they push you into acquiring a skill to at least sustain yourself Follow us on Twitter to recieve latest news @Mediahelm_NG